WHM has Fluid Aura and Repose (and to a slightly lesser degree

25 to introduce new PvP Equipment

I like these between huge buy canada goose jacket cheap patches patches. They add a canada goose outlet online surprising amount of things to the game, usually in the form of boatloads canada goose outlet black friday of Quality of Life changes, and goose outlet canada they usually mostly all surprises.The PvP gear canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet nyc isn a surprise since it was hinted at canada goose black friday sale in the live letter translation last month, but I am hoping/expecting the canada goose outlet canada patch notes canada goose outlet uk to be just like the pre 2.2 patch canada goose jacket outlet that added tons of QoL changes, more buildings to Revs Toll and so on.I really enjoy how this game canada goose outlet parka pushes out updates so often. The problem is it incorporates the worst aspects of canada goose outlet jackets gear grind (he who has the most toys wins, no amount of tactical planning can make up for someone that locks your healer down) with arena play (the are largely doing damage and burst hard when someone gets low) and then removes any real interesting fight planning by having holy trinity group makeup mandatory.PvP canada goose factory sale is interesting because it dynamic. You canada goose outlet sale have to react to what the other players are doing official canada goose outlet on the fly. There are no burst team comps. No them canada goose outlet toronto factory and try to sustain through burst team comps. No team comps. Everyone is canada goose uk shop forced into the same cookie cutter setup, not by weeks of testing and the word getting out that is the current metagame and here is what works but by the very canada goose design of the system. There no such thing as peeling, proper LoSing, canada goose outlet reviews animation interrupting hell. there no reason canada goose black friday sale to even fake cast.All of the things that make it more than just a latency and gear check are not in the game. On top of that you forced into very limited group canadian goose jacket compositions and none of the abilities currently canada goose outlet in game are made with PvP in mind canada goose clearance or even tweaked for PvP only to be as such.Also the movement is calculated serverside Canada Goose Coats On Sale further reducing the ability for good plays.Basic PvP has these things. The higher GCD just lowers buy canada goose jacket the APM cap even canada goose canada goose store factory Canada Goose Online outlet further. You hard canada goose coats capped at roughly 30 APM in FFXIV PvP at the moment which is insanely low. Imagine hard canada goose coats on sale capping Starcraft 2 uk canada goose outlet at Canada Goose online 30APM and then watching how it plays out. That what we talking about.FFXIV PvP doesn have a concept of peeling, animation interrupting or any aspects of twitch gameplay at all. canada goose outlet online uk the PvP Actions do really help bridge the gap on some of these canada goose outlet uk sale problems across the board and 2. correcting canada goose outlet new york city canada goose or countering some of these imbalances otherwise is, cheap Canada Goose at least canada goose clearance sale in my opinion, what Canada Goose Jackets makes PvP fun so far, especially when canada goose outlet shop it comes to casters. canada goose outlet store Yes, casters get interrupted by a canada goose outlet store uk damn good deal of things, but they also have a greater ability Canada Goose Parka to wreck your shit https://www.topcanadagoose.ca from afar, moreso than Bards.White canada goose uk outlet Mage is currently quite a bit more powerful than SCH. WHM has Fluid Aura and Repose (and to a slightly lesser degree, Stone I). These things make it the preferred canada goose outlet in usa cheap canada goose uk healer by a mile, though it is much more difficult to learn WHM than it is to learn SCH in PvP.Bards are only on par with SMN and BLM because they take Raises well. Their damage doesn compare to SMN and they don bring anywhere near the utility that BLMs do.Walking to the side of casters doesn cancel casts. Depending uk canada goose on your control scheme, you can press your face target keybind before the cast finishes and you never get interrupted that way, or if you on Standard canada goose uk black friday controls, panning your camera towards the enemy will have same same effect since Canada Goose sale it rotates your character.

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