If people called me crap all day and started following me

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FantaToTheKnees 9 points submitted 11 days ago

You know, somewhere canada goose uk black friday I get why those thugs do that. It absolutely shitty for them to do so and am in NO way condoning their actions.

But wouldn you get tired if literally the national news and politicians constantly called your neighborhood shitty, newscrews come in canada goose store like it a safari, the stigmas and judgements you get when you say you from there. Not to mention a lot of socio economic problems.

I get it. If people called me crap all day and started following me around with a camera, I start throwing at them.

But still, canada goose coats on sale a rather dumb thing to do for your canada goose black friday sale image. It cheap Canada Goose doesn help anyone, except release some of your frustrations and give some uk canada goose outlet parties more political ammo.

Edit: again, not making this a Canada Goose Outlet good thing or saying this is a good canada goose jacket outlet idea. I offering a different, flawed perspective the perps may canada goose clearance sale have had. No need for the blue button. Jean Pierre thanks you.

defabien cheap canada goose uk 1 point submitted 1 month ago

It not an argument at all, it an opinion. As an argument (for morality) it canada goose factory sale would come down to something like this;

Do canada goose outlet online uk not canada goose outlet in usa mock people for things they cannot change, it canada goose coats does not teach anything, nor does it help society at large. You canada goose factory outlet uk canada goose are just spreading pain without any hope canada goose outlet store uk of positive change.

If you berate someone on negative traits they Canada Goose online might be able to change, you might cause them or others to consider changing or avoiding those negative traits, thus (possibly) improving society at large.

Berating Canada Goose Jackets someone on looks (something no one can easily change) helps no one and does not have the potential to cause positive change.

defabien 5 canada goose points submitted 2 months ago

I have no insurance payout the first 3 months, and then the insurance pays canada goose outlet shop the gap between my potential government handout (I assume this is what you call the basic system) because canada goose outlet uk sale of the ilness/incapacity and buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose outlet new york city my previous official salary (which I do not canada goose outlet on sale keep artificially low, like some self employed people do).

I have enough reserve in the company to piloshop bridge the first 3 months myself. This makes the insurance very, very affordable but does ensure that If something terrible happens I canada goose outlet parka do not fall canada goose black friday sale into poverty.

The insurance is called “verzekering gewaarborgd inkomen”. canada goose outlet online It is often tied to a IPT/”Groepsverzekering” (which is another form of saving for your pension, beside the “pensioensparen” and “vapz”), which makes it canada goose outlet store even more Canada Goose sale affordable.

since it is easyer canada goose outlet black friday to pay a bonus to a freelancer, ask if they can offer you structured bonuses based on merits.

since, if you get sick canada goose outlet or if you want to take a vacantion, you do not canada goose outlet canada get paid, you can ask for canada goose outlet jackets some paid vacation canada goose outlet toronto factory included in your freelancer contract.

435 EUR a Canada Goose Online day, + 108 750 EUR a year (if you work every day or get some paid leave) canadian goose jacket is (in my opinion) very much OK if you have a full time contract (it would be really low if it is a temporary project). Canada Goose Coats On Sale But try to ask if canada goose outlet Canada Goose Parka uk there might be any growth scenario based on merit within 6 months / a year. Or just do a canada goose outlet nyc canada goose uk shop counter offer of 470 520 EUR.

A freelancer buy canada goose jacket contract canada goose outlet sale can also include a severance payout, or an amount of months that they need to notify you in official canada goose canada goose clearance outlet advance that the contract will be ended. Similar to canada goose outlet reviews an employee contract, ask if this is included or not.

Based on the goose outlet canada 108 750 EUR, you will canada goose uk outlet get 49 742 EUR yearly netto, which is 4145 EUR monthy (12 months) or 3553 EUR monthly (14 months)

So you earn + 500 EUR more / month, but (might) not have any paid leave.

But this is only the beginning, there are a lot of hard and soft advantages and disadvantages to being employed or freelance. Those are more important then the 500 EUR face value netto improvement. And they depend highly on your personality and comfort level.

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